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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Repost from Shahril's Blog

"This is how we roll when we're done with our final presentation!

My greatest group-mates since last semester, Aqashah and Sheril. I know there are lot of arguments that we've been through but at the end we reached out great decision and strived the best that we can do. To be honest, i couldn't survive to go through various circumstances in this extremely tough semesters without both of you. Keep it up for next semesters, if we're happened to be in a group again. InsyaAllah".
(Ihsan from :

Tak tau lah nak rasa apa lepas baca your blog Pojie hmmmm...Rasa macam kejap saje kan kita lalui semua ni...Sekejap saja lagi dah nak habis semuanya..Ok enough..Tunggu my post pula ya..Baru tulis semua..

Thanks for a good compliment Pojie..InsyaAllah jika masih berpeluang untuk kita kerja sama sama lagi ya.

**Dah rindu dah ni babe :'(

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